Yield and Merge!

Recently, as I was falling asleep at bedtime, I started to have a vision. I looked up into the nighttime sky, and I saw an orange-yellow Merge sign in the sky spaces of an oak tree.

In the morning, I pondered what this meant and asked Holy Spirit. He whispered, “I will be with you as you merge (transition) into the new things I AM doing in your life! You will have fresh encounters with Jesus in the burning fires of the birthing room! Also, you will have an acceleration of multiple births!” I believe this is for you, too! I prophesy this over you, my friends! Let me explain the merge sign because I believe it reveals something prophetic about the amazing season we are in today! 😊

When you see a merge sign, it is a caution that a lane is going to end. It’s a terrific and safe idea to YIELD first without proceeding into the only lane…especially if a car is right next to you! I sense the Lord is saying with all of the new assignments, callings, and purposes He is giving us, we must YIELD to Him first… for such a time as this! We must pause, pray, and ask for His strategies, blueprints, and guidance before building, producing, and writing! We must then act with radical obedience! Otherwise, we will be bogged down, slowed down, and have to double back and re-do our mistakes and faux pas just as we would if we do not YIELD in a merge lane! The merge sign also reminds us that we should consider other drivers and allow them to merge smoothly if we are in the through lane.  This means we have to consider others as we move into our new assignments. Sometimes, if you’re anything like me, I put my head down and want to only work on and complete what God has blessed me to do without considering how it may affect those around me. I need to have God’s balance without forgetting the needs of those I have been entrusted with. I need to merge with grace, patience, faith, humility, and courage!

Another thing about the merge lane is two lanes come into one. The lane closure represents something coming to an end in your life and God bringing into focus something new! It might be a job, a hobby, a career, or a ministry. It may be an unequally yoked relationship. God sovereignly knows exactly what He is finishing and beginning in your life! He merges you into your new lane- your divine destiny, calling, and purpose!

God is creating greater commissions and new alignments as we partner with Holy Spirit. As a result of His grace and favor, you will have tremendous growth emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Our families may not understand the callings on our lives. So we may need to let others merge into our new callings gradually. We must patiently let them merge in their timing. I am praying Holy Spirit opens their hearts and minds to what He is doing in your life!

As I researched the merge lane and yielding, I came across what is called a “Zipper Merge.” I had never heard of this before! On the above Merge sign, the three small lines resemble a zipper. The premise behind a Zipper Merge is that you stay in your lane as long as you can. Then reportedly, the flow of traffic does not slow down because both lanes are being used for the maximum amount of time before merging. However, as far as a believer’s transition goes, we can be stuck in the wrong lane for too long when we are unwilling to transition with God! We can stay in the lane of our job, our ministry, or a hobby for far too long because the change feels too difficult or unfamiliar! The accuser of your soul knows this. When we stay in our lane and will not merge before the lane ends, we can end up feeling like we missed our opportunity. We can feel shameful and mad at ourselves for “missing it” and berate ourselves for our lack of faith. Forgive yourself and ask God to forgive you. Receive His pure, cleansing water of forgiveness. He calls us to be holy, consecrated, and set apart! So, YIELD and MERGE with prayer and Holy Spirit guidance, grace, and joy! You are His special treasure, and He will help you! Take it to heart what He is asking you to YIELD to Him, then Merge in His perfect timing!

“You have been set apart as holy to the Lord your God, and He has chosen you from all the nations of the earth to be His own special treasure.” Deut. 14:2 (NLT)

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